The short answer is “No”. Typically, in a community property state, the divorce court divides up all of the marriage’s assets equally – 50/50. That could mean that one spouse, a surgeon, would get half, and the other spouse, the one with no college education or job experience who stayed home and raised four kids for 30 years and who has no hope of making much income in the future, would also get just half. Clearly, that “just half” is unjust. Pennsylvania law addresses that inequity by dividing the assets in an economically fair manner. It is called equitable, NOT equal, distribution of assets. This practice means that the spouse who needs more will get more.

The above applies, of course, typically to a contested – and very expensive – divorce wherein the spouses could not divide their assets up on their own. For a truly cheap PA uncontested no-fault divorce, the couple will have to do what is fair on their own. Moreover, unless each spouse has a five-figure bank account available for attorneys to fight for them in court – and with no guarantee – the couple will HAVE to settle things themselves… or stay married. Generally speaking, the party who wants the divorce more will have to give up a little more than what might be fair to avoid an expensive contested case and have a low-cost, simple, no-fault divorce, which will end much, much sooner and with a ton less stress.