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Should I Tell My Divorce Lawyer Everything?

In virtually every TV or movie drama one sees involving lawyers and their clients, the lawyer, having found out facts about the client from another source, scolds the client for not telling the lawyer "everything". In many situations, that lawyer is justified. ...

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How Do You Receive Spousal Support in PA?

I recommend that you first read my recent blog post outlining how and when to file for child support, as virtually all of the information there applies equally well to spousal support. The main difference being that the age of the spouses has nothing to do with it......

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What Is A Pennsylvania Common Law Marriage?

Virtually everyone has heard about common law marriage, but just what is it - and is it real or not? First, all of the following information is applicable under Pennsylvania law (although it could be the same elsewhere). Second, let's talk about what is NOT a common...

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Is Pennsylvania A Community Property State?

The short answer is "No". Typically, in a community property state, the divorce court divides up all of the marriage's assets equally - 50/50. That could mean that one spouse, a surgeon, would get half, and the other spouse, the one with no college education or job...

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