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Are Pennsylvania Divorce Records Public?

Generally and in most of Pennsylvania's 67 counties, the Court's records of divorces are public and a private citizen may go into a court and be permitted to see the paperwork and other details of any divorce. Contrary to that, any county may choose to not permit the...

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Can Gifts Be Divided in a Pennsylvania Divorce?

Under Pennsylvania law, a gift may or may not be a marital asset subject to division like other assets. Items brought into the marriage at the beginning by one party which are never gifted to the marriage, would likely not be subject to division. A vehicle or bank...

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What is a Bifurcated Divorce in Pennsylvania?

Bifurcating a divorce action is possible in Pennsylvania, but it is unusual and never done in a simple, low-cost, uncontested, no-fault divorce. Bifurcation means that there are serious financial issues to be resolved in Court through evidence and testimony in...

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Who Pays The Fees for a Pennsylvania Divorce?

Legal fees. Doctor bills. Dentist visits. One can usually count on a fairly large dent in one's bank account whenever such professional services are needed. And those needs are to fix a serious problem. Not much fun.  Sure, insurance can help, if one has...

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Does Your Divorce Need Notarized in Pennsylvania?

The answer to the need for notarization in a Pennsylvania divorce is “no”... and “yes”. Like so many things in life, this is another “never say never” issue.  Pennsylvania state law does not have any requirement that the usual documents in a divorce be notarized. Once...

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