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What Is A Gray Divorce in Pennsylvania?

Quick Answer: What Is A Gray Divorce in Pennsylvania? Divorces among those married 20 years or more are increasing in recent years and regardless of the hair color, natural or enhanced, of the parties, the term "gray divorce" is being applied to such cases. However,...

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Do You Need A Reason For A Pennsylvania Divorce?

Quick Answer: Do You Need A Reason For A Pennsylvania Divorce? Yes, you need a reason to get divorced in Pennsylvania; however, for a No-Fault divorce, you just have to state, under oath, that you have an irretrievably broken marriage. You will not, however, be...

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Do I Need A Local Divorce Attorney in PA?

If your divorce will be contested (meaning that your spouse will not cooperate or you want assets, financial or otherwise, which your spouse will not agree to give to you or vice-verse, or one or the other of you simply does not want to be divorced), either of you has...

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Annulment. What’s The Deal, Really?

Quick Answer: Can I Get An Annulment in Pennsylvania? Not being married very long or never consummating your marriage are not reasons for an annulment (but can be used for a religious annulment), as is commonly portrayed in movies. Drunk, drugged, forced, too close by...

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What Are Pennsylvania’s Child Support Laws?

Every law, if you were to investigate its history through its creation by our lawmakers, is "eminently reasonable" to quote my law school contract law professor. While some laws seem weird and completely against reason, that cannot be said about our laws requiring us...

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