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Does A Spouse’s Disability Affect Divorce?

This is really two questions: First: Does a spouse's disability enter into a Pennsylvania divorce? Second: Does a spouse's disability enter into a low-cost, simple, uncontested no-fault divorce? I will answer the second question first because it has a simpler answer....

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Fast, Honest, Reliable and Competent?

Any time you go on the Internet for any purpose, something that always crosses your mind is, "Is this for real or a scam?" followed by "Is this too good to be true?" While I have many 5 star reviews at Google and on Facebook (and I respond to ALL reviews) and have an...

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Is My Foreign Divorce Legal in Pennsylvania?

If any of you are fans of old movies, you could be familiar with a scene in which a husband asks for a divorce and his wife refuses to give it to him. The frustrated husband announces that if she will not allow the divorce, he has no choice other than to hop on the...

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Do I Need To Publish My Pennsylvania Divorce?

Most people assume from reading the columns of legal items they see in the newspaper, like Sheriff's Sales, Bankruptcies, Applications for Wedding Licenses and so forth, that the filing and granting of their divorce must also be published. After all, pick up any...

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